1. Plan and organize the work to make job as per specification applying different types of basic fitting operation and Check for dimensional accuracy following safety precautions. [Basic fitting operation – Marking, Hacksawing, Chiselling, Filing, Drilling, Taping and Grinding etc. Accuracy: ± 0.25mm]
2. Manufacture simple sheet metal items as per drawing and join them by soldering, brazing and riveting.
3. Join metal components by riveting observing standard procedure.
4. Join metal component by arc welding observing standard procedure.
5. Cut and join metal component by gas (oxyacetylene)
6. Produce components by different operations and check accuracy using appropriate measuring instruments. [Different Operations – Drilling, Reaming, Taping, Dieing; Appropriate Measuring Instrument – Vernier, Screw Gauge, Micrometer]
7. Make different fit of components for assembling as per required tolerance observing principle of interchange ability and check for functionality. [Different Fit – Sliding, Angular, Step fit, ‘T’ fit, Square fit and Profile fit; Required tolerance: ±0.04 mm, angular tolerance: 30 min.]
8. Produce components involving different operations on lathe observing standard procedure and check for accuracy. [Different Operations – facing, plain turning, step turning, parting, chamfering, shoulder turn, grooving, knurling, boring, taper turning, threading (external ‘V’ only)]
9. Plan & perform simple repair, overhauling of different machines and check for functionality. [Different Machines – Drill Machine, Power Saw, Bench Grinder and Lathe]

10. Make & assemble components of different mating surfaces as per required tolerance by different surface finishing operations using different fastening components, tools and check functionality. [Different Mating Surfaces – Dovetail fitting, Radius fitting, Combined fitting; Different surface finishing operations–Scraping,Lappingand

Honing; Different fastening components – Dowel pins, screws, bolts, keys and cotters; Different fastening tools-hand operated & power tools, Required tolerance –
±0.02mm, angular tolerance ± 10 min.]
11. Make different gauges by using standard tools & equipment and checks for specified accuracy. [Different Gauges – Snap gauge, Gap gauge; Specified Accuracy – ±0.02mm]
12. Apply a range of skills to execute pipe joints, dismantle and assemble valves & fittings with pipes and test for leakages. [Range of skills – Cutting, Threading, Flaring, Bending and Joining]
13. Make drill jig & produce components on drill machine by using jigs and check for correctness.
14. Plan, dismantle, repair and assemble different damaged mechanical components used for power transmission & check functionality. [Different Damage Mechanical Components – Pulley, Gear, Keys, Jibs and Shafts.]
15. Identify, dismantle, replace and assemble different pneumatics and hydraulics components. [Different components – Compressor, Pressure Gauge, Filter Regulator Lubricator, Valves and Actuators.]
16. Construct circuit of pneumatics and hydraulics observing standard operating procedure & safety aspect.
17. Plan & perform basic day to day preventive maintenance, repairing and check functionality. [Simple Machines – Drill Machine, Power Saw and Lathe] , Plan, erect simple machine and test machine tool accuracy. [Simple Machines – Drill Machine, Power Saw and Lathe].