Trade Plumber

Trade Plumber

Knowledge in Plumbing lay out, assembles, installs and maintains sanitary fittings and fixtures, sewage and drainage systems, heating and sanitary systems, gas and water pipe lines.

PLUMBER – LEARNING OUTCOMES – ITI (Note: The Trade Plumber is subject to the Approval of NCVT)

1. Plan and organize the work to make job as per specification applying different types of basic fitting operation and Check for dimensional accuracy following safety precautions.[Basic fitting operation – marking, Hacksawing, Chiselling, Filing, Drilling, Taping and Grinding etc. Accuracy: ± 0.25mm]

2. Perform Inner & Outer Thread cutting on Metal & Studs and thread cutting on different types of pipes & fittings accessories.
3. Join wood with carpenter’s tools.

4. Carry out cutting of Pipes of different Dia in different angle and Joining of pipes by gas welding, Soldering and Brazing.

5. Construct Masonry brick wall and RCC casting. Brick wall cutting for concealing pipe line.

6. Carry out Cutting and Bending of Pipes using Plumber’s tools and equipment.

7. Join various type of PVC pipe by heat process or Welding.

8. Construct complete pipe line circuit with different types of Joints and fixing Cocks & valve on Pipe line.

9. Carry out cutting of different Types of PVC Pipe, joining and laying.

10. Perform Water analysis test, Water Pressure test and Water distribution system by using Pipe line.

11. Align and lay humid asbestos pipe line of different dia. and fitting & maintenance of drainage pipe line.

12. Install and maintain different Electric pumps.

13. Join fittings for different purposes on PVC pipe line.

14. Construct inspection chamber, manhole, gutter, septic tank, socket etc.

15. Test pipe line as per site drainage pipe line layout.

16. Perform removal of leakage pipe line.

17. Install, fix & maintain different valve & cock.

18. Install & maintain water metre and water supply for fixture.

19. Demonstrate method of bending for different materials & different pipe joint.

20. Perform fitting and maintenance of Fixture at different place.

21. Carry out fitting, fixing & laying installation of hot & cold water pipe line and symbolizing.

22. Perform repairing & reconditioning of waste pipe line.

23. Perform repairing & reconditioning, scraping & painting of sanitary fittings pipe line.


• Can join industry as Technician and will progress further as Senior Technician, Supervisor and can rise up to the level of Manager.

• Can become Entrepreneur in the related field.

• Can take admission in diploma course in notified branches of Engineering by lateral entry.

• Can join Apprenticeship programme in different types of industries leading to National Apprenticeship certificate (NAC).

• Can join Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the trade for becoming instructor in ITIs.

• Can join advanced diploma (Vocational) courses conducted by DGT as applicable.


Plumber, General; lay out, assembles, installs and maintains sanitary fittings and fixtures, sewage and drainage systems, heating and sanitary systems, gas and water pipe lines etc. Receives instructions from Sanitary Engineer or Civil Engineer regarding lay out of pipes, gas or water mains, position of fixtures and fittings, etc. Examines drawings or other specifications regarding size and dimensions of area where sanitary fittings or pipe are to be fitted or laid. Marks points at places to indicate position for fixing brackets and laying pipes. Drills passage holes in walls or floor of premises and fixes necessary brackets, stands, holders etc. to keep or hold fittings and fixtures in position, using nuts, bolts, clamps etc. and tightens them with hand tools. Cuts reams, threads and bends pipes as appropriate. Ensures that pipe lines are laid properly by Pipe Fitter. Joins pipes with sockets, Tees, elbow etc. or with molten lead or lead wool. Caulks joints (operation of making joint seam tight to withstand pressure) and tests them for leaks with pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. May repair and maintain sewerage and pipe lines by replacing washers on leaky faucets, mending burst pipes, opening clogged drains, etc. May do lead burning, dressing and bossing of lead pipe and sheet lead, inlaying of wooden tanks, construction of septic tanks etc.

Plumber Entry Qualification & Course Durations – ITI

• Passed 8th class Examination.

• 1year.

(Note: The Trade Plumber is subject to the Approval of NCVT)