Trade Mechanic Motor Vehicle

Trade Mechanic Motor Vehicle

Familiarity with shop tools, equipments, servicing and lubrication work in chassis, servicing and fault finding in engine, suspension, steering, brake assembly, clutch, gear box, universal joint, rear axle, water pump, Oil pump, petrol pump, fuel injector, carburettor, dynamo, self-starter, making wire connections and rectify defects in wiring circuits, recognize basic electronic components. Set ignition timing and valve timing. Drive and road test a Motor Vehicle, rectification and installation of air condition system in Motor vehicles are imparted in this trade. These students have been provided real time training through different vehicles operated by our vidyalaya.



  1. Check & perform Measuring & marking by using various Measuring & Marking tools(Vernier Calliper, Micrometer, Telescope gauges, Dial bore gauges, Dial indicators, straightedge, feeler gauge, thread pitch gauge, vacuum gauge, tire pressure guage)following safety precautions.
  2. Plan & perform basic fastening & fitting operation by using correct hand tools, Machine tools &equipments.
  3. Trace and Test all Electrical& Electronic components & circuits and assemble circuit to ensure functionality of
  4. Check & Interpret Vehicle Specification data and VIN and Select & operate various Service Station
  5. Dismantle & assemble of Engine from vehicle (LMV/HMV) along with other
  6. Overhaul Engine and check
  7. Trace, Test & Repair Cooling and Lubrication System of
  8. Trace & Test Intake and Exhaust system of
  9. Service Fuel System and check proper
  10. Test Engine Performance and set idling
  11. Monitor emission of vehicle and execute different operation to obtain optimum pollution as per emission
  12. Carryout overhauling of Alternator and Starter
  13. Diagnose & rectify the defects in LMV/HMV to ensure functionality of


  1. Plan & perform maintenance, diagnosis and servicing of transmission
  2. Plan & perform maintenance, diagnosis and servicing of Vehicle Control System
  3. Troubleshoot vehicle Engine components and ascertain repair
  4. Plan & service Electronic Control Unit and check
  5. Diagnose & rectify the defects in vehicle to ensure functionality of
  6. Carryout overhauling of charging
  7. Carryout overhauling of starting
  8. Troubleshoot electrical components ofvehicle and ascertain
  9. Overhaul, service and testing Vehicle Air Conditioning system, its parts and check functionality.
  10. Drive vehicle following Traffic Regulations and maintenance of good road.


  • Can join industry as Technician and will progress further as Senior Technician, Supervisor and can rise up to the level of Manager.
  • Can become Entrepreneur in the related field.
  • Can appear in 10+2 examination through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for acquiring higher secondary certificate and can go further for General/ Technical education.
  • Can take admission in diploma course in notified branches of Engineering by lateral entry.
  • Can join Apprenticeship programme in different types of industries leading to National Apprenticeship certificate (NAC).
  • Can join Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the trade for becoming instructor in ITIs.
  • Can join Advanced Diploma (Vocational) courses under DGT as applicable.


Mechanic, Automobile; repairs overhauls and services motor vehicles to keep them in good running condition. Examines vehicle to ascertain nature and location of defects either by running engine or driving vehicle on road. Dismantles partially or completely defective unit or parts of vehicle such as engine, gear box, rear axle, front axle, steering assembly, radiator, etc. according to nature of repairs to be done, using hoist, jack, pullers, hand tools and other devices. Measures essential parts like cylinder, bores piston, sizes crank pins etc. using gauges, micrometer and other precision tools and gets cylinders re-bored, liners filled, valve seats refaced, bearings re-metalled etc. as necessary. Repairs or overhauls and assembles engine by performing tasks similar to those of Mechanic Petrol or Diesel Engine such as replacing defective parts, scrapping bearings, grinding valves, setting timing, cleaning injectors, tuning carburettor etc. according to maker’s specification. Replaces or repairs defective parts of gear box, rear axle, steering mechanism etc. and sets them right ensuring correct alignment, clearance, meshing of gears, specified movements and operations. Relines and builds brakes, sets wheel alignment, adjust, steering, clutch, hand brakes etc. fits new or repaired accessories and body parts, makes electrical connection, and performs other tasks to effect repairs. Lubricates, joints, tightens loose parts, tests performance of vehicle by driving on road and makes necessary adjustments to attain desired standard. May assemble complete vehicle from finished components.

Mechanic Motor Vehicle; repairs overhauls and services motor vehicles to keep them in good running condition.

Mechanic Motor Vehicle Entry Qualification & Course Durations – ITI

• Passed 10th class examination with Science and Mathematics or its equivalent.

• 2 years.