1. Prepare profile with an appropriate accuracy as per drawing following safety precautions.

2. Prepare electrical wire joints; carry out soldering, crimping and measure insulation resistance of underground cable.

3. Verify characteristics of electrical and magnetic circuits.

4. Install, test and maintenance of batteries and solar cell.

5. Estimate, Assemble, install and test wiring system.

6. Plan and prepare Earthing installation.

7. Plan and execute electrical illumination system and test.

8. Select and perform measurements using analog / digital instruments.

9. Perform testing, verify errors and calibrate instruments.

10. Plan and carry out installation, fault detection and repairing of domestic appliances.

11. Execute testing, evaluate performance and maintenance of transformer.


12. Plan, execute commissioning and evaluate performance of DC machines.

13. Execute testing, and maintenance of DC machines and motor starters.

14. Plan execute commissioning and evaluate performance of AC motors.

15. Execute testing, and maintenance of AC motors and starters.

16. Plan, execute testing, evaluate performance and carry out maintenance of Alternator / MG set.

17. Execute parallel operation of alternators.

18. Distinguish, organise and perform motor winding.

19. Assemble simple electronic circuits and test for functioning.

20. Assemble accessories and carry out wiring of control cabinets and equipment.

21. Perform speed control of AC and DC motors by using solid state devices.

22. Detect the faults and troubleshoot inverter, stabilizer, battery charger, emergency light and UPS etc.

23. Plan, assemble and install solar panel.

24. Erect overhead domestic service line and outline various power plant layout.

25. Examine the faults and carry out repairing of circuit breakers.