1. Draw free hand sketches of hand tools used in civil work following safety precautions. 2. Draw plane figures applying drawing instruments with proper layout and the method of folding drawing sheets.
3. Construct plain scale, comparative scale, diagonal scale and vernier scale.
4. Draw orthographic projections of different objects with proper lines, lettering and dimensioning.
5. Draw Isometric / Oblique / Perspective views of different solid / hollow / cut sections with proper lines, lettering and dimensioning.
6. Draw component parts of a single storied residential building with suitable symbols and scales.
7. Draw different types of stone and brick masonry.
8. Draw different types of shallow and deep foundation.
9. Draw different types of shoring, scaffolding, underpinning, framework and timbering.
10. Draw different types of Damp proofing in different position.
11. Drawing of different types of arches and lintels with chajja.
12. Perform site survey with chain / tape and prepare site plan.
13. Perfom site survey with prismatic compass and prepare site plan.
14. Perform site survey with plane table and prepare a map.
15. Make topography map bycontourswith levelling instrument.
16. Perform site survey with Theodolite and prepare site plan. 17. Drawing of different types of carpentry joints.
18. Draw different types of doors and windows according to manner of construction, Arrangement of component, and working operation.
19. Prepare the detailed drawing of electrical wiringsystem. 20. Draw types of ground and upper floors.
21. Draw different types of vertical movement according to shape, location, materials in stair, lift, ramp and escalator.
22. Draw different types of roofs, truss according to shape, construction, purpose and span.


23. Draw single storied building site plan layout.
24. Create objects on CAD workspace using Toolbars, Commands, Menus, formatting layer and style.
25. Draw a sanction plan of double storied flat roof residential building by using CAD.
26. Create objects on 3D modeling concept in CAD.
27. Prepare a drawing of public building detailing with roofandcoloumnsby frame structures using CAD.
28. Prepare detailed drawing of RCC structures using CAD and prepare bar bending schedule.
29. Draw the details of a framed structure and portal frame of a residential building using CAD.
30. Draw the different types of steel sections, rivets and bolts using CAD. 31. Draw the details of girders, roof trusses and steel stanchions using CAD.
32. Prepare the detailed drawing showing the different types of sanitary fittings, arrangements of manholes, details of septic tank using CAD.
33. Draw the details flow diagram of water treatment plant (WTP) and Swerage Treatment plant (STP).
34. Draw the cross sectional view of different types of roads showing component parts using CAD.
35. Draw the details of different types of culverts using CAD.
36. Prepare detailed drawing a bridge using CAD.
37. Draw the typical cross section of rail sections, railway tracks in cutting and embankment usingCAD.
38. Prepare detailed drawing of typical cross sections of Dam, barrages, weir and Cross drainageworks using CAD.
39. Draw the schematic diagram of different structures of Hydro electric project using CAD.
40. Prepare detailed estimate and cost analysis of different types of building and other structuresusing application software.
41. Prepare rate analysis of different items of work.
42. Problems on preparing preliminary/Approximate estimates for building project.
43. Prepare a map using Total station.
44. Locate the station point using GPS and obtain a set of co-ordinates.