Draughtsperson Civil; prepares drawings of buildings, stores, high ways, dams, culverts, etc. from sketches, notes or data for purposes of construction or alternations. Takes instructions form Civil Engineer studies sketches and calculates dimensions from notes or data. Draws to given scale different elevations, plan, sectional views etc. of desired construction using drawing instruments. Draws detailed drawings of specific portions as required. Indicates types of materials to be used, artistic and structural features, etc. in drawing as necessary.May do tracing and blue printing. May reduce or enlarge drawings. May prepare or check estimate schedules for cost of materials and labour. May prepare tender schedules and draft agreements. May work as Draughtsman Architectural.


Draught person, Structural; prepares drawings of bridges, steel structures, roof tresses etc. From sketches, designs or data for purposes of construction, alteration or repairs. Studies sketches, data, notes etc. and receives instructions from Structural or Mechanical Engineers regarding details and types of drawings to be made. Calculates dimensions as necessary from available notes, data etc. and by application of standard formulae. Draws to scale detail, assembly and arrangement drawings showing sectional plan and other views as directed and prints (writes) necessary instructions regarding materials to be used, limits, assembly etc. to clearly indicate all aspects of structure to be manufactured. May prepare estimate and operation schedules for labour and material costs. May prepare a tender schedule and draft agreements. May prepare tables showing requirements of bars, their numbers, sizes and shapes. May trace and make blue prints.


Draughtsperson, Topographical; Sketches topographical drawings to scale in different colours using blue print prepared from field plane tables.Carries out independently projection of small scale map to predetermined size, incorporating features covered in survey, producing total geographical effect by hill shading, giving contours, profile, cross sections, authorised symbols, etc.Uses grid tables, projection table compasses, pantograph, planimeter, etc.