1. Plan and organize the work to make job as per specification applying different types of basic fitting operations & check for dimensional accuracy following safety precautions. [Basic Fitting Operation – Marking, Hack sawing, filing, drilling, taping etc.]
2. Set different shaped jobs on different chuck and demonstrate conventional lathe machine operation observing standard operation practice. [Different chucks: – 3 jaws & 4 jaws, different shaped jobs: – round, hexagonal, square]
3. Prepare different cutting tool to produce jobs to appropriate accuracy by performing different turning operations. [Different cutting tool – V tool, side cutting, parting, thread cutting (both LH & RH), Appropriate accuracy: – ±0.06mm, Different turning operation – Plain, facing, drilling, boring (counter & stepped), grooving, Parallel Turning, Step Turning, parting, chamfering, U -cut, Reaming, internal recess, knurling.
4. Test the alignment of lathe by checking different parameters and adjust the tool post. [Different parameters – Axial slip of main spindle, true running of head stock, parallelism of main spindle, alignment of both the centres.]
5. Set different components of machine & parameters to produce taper/ angular components and ensure proper assembly of the components. [Different component of machine: – Form tool, Compound slide, tail stock offset, taper turning attachment. Different machine parameters- Feed, speed, depth of cut.]
6. Set the different machining parameter & tools to prepare job by performing different boring operations. [Different machine parameter- Feed, speed & depth of cut; Different boring operation – Plain, stepped & eccentric]
7. Set the different machining parameters to produce different threaded components applying method/ technique and test for proper assembly of the components. [Different thread: – BSW, Metric, Square, ACME, Buttress.]
8. Set the different machining parameter & lathe accessories to produce components applying techniques and rules and check the accuracy. [Different machining parameters: – Speed, feed & depth of cut; Different lathe accessories: – Driving Plate, Steady rest, dog carrier and different centres.]
9. Plan and perform basic maintenance of lathe & grinding machine and examine their functionality.

10. Plan & set the machine parameter to produce precision engineering component to appropriate accuracy by performing different turning operation. [Appropriate accuracy –
±0.02mm/ (MT – 3) (proof turning); Different turning operation – Plain turning, taper turning, boring threading, knurling, grooving, chamfering etc.]
11. Set & Produce components on irregular shaped job using different lathe accessories.
[Different Lathe accessories: – Face plate, angle plate]
12. Plan and set the machine using lathe attachment to produce different utility component/ item as per drawing. [Different utility component/ item – Crank shaft (single throw), stub arbour with accessories etc.]
13. Set the machining parameters and produce & assemble components by performing different boring operations with an appropriate accuracy. [Different boring operation – eccentric boring, stepped boring; appropriate accuracy – ±0.05mm]
14. Calculate to set machine setting to produce different complex threaded component and check for functionality. [Different complex threaded component- Half nut, multi start threads (BSW, Metric & Square)]
15. Set (both job and tool) CNC turn centre and produce components as per drawing by preparing part programme.
16. Manufacture and assemble components to produce utility items by performing different operations & observing principle of interchangeability and check functionality. [Utility item:- screw jack/ vice spindle/ Box nut, marking block, drill chuck, collet chuck etc.; different operations: – threading (Square, BSW, ACME, Metric), Thread on taper, different boring (Plain, stepped)]

17. Make a process plan to produce components by performing special operations on lathe and check for accuracy. [Accuracy – ±0.02mm or proof machining & ±0.05mm bore; Special operation – Worm shaft cutting (shaft) boring, threading etc.]