1. Check & perform Measuring & marking by using various Measuring & Marking tools(Vernier Calliper, Micrometer, Telescope gauges, Dial bore gauges, Dial indicators, straightedge, feeler gauge, thread pitch gauge, vacuum gauge, tire pressure guage)following safety precautions.
2. Plan & perform basic fastening & fitting operation by using correct hand tools, Machine tools &equipments.
3. Trace and Test all Electrical& Electronic components & circuits and assemble circuit to ensure functionality of system.
4. Check & Interpret Vehicle Specification data and VIN and Select & operate various Service Station Equipments.
5. Dismantle & assemble of Engine from vehicle (LMV/HMV) along with other accessories.
6. Overhaul Engine and check functionality.
7. Trace, Test & Repair Cooling and Lubrication System of engine.
8. Trace & Test Intake and Exhaust system of engine.
9. Service Fuel System and check proper functionality.
10. Test Engine Performance and set idling speed.
11. Monitor emission of vehicle and execute different operation to obtain optimum pollution as per emission norms.
12. Carryout overhauling of Alternator and Starter Motor.
13. Diagnose & rectify the defects in LMV/HMV to ensure functionality of vehicle.


14. Plan & perform maintenance, diagnosis and servicing of transmission system.
15. Plan & perform maintenance, diagnosis and servicing of Vehicle Control System
16. Troubleshoot vehicle Engine components and ascertain repair
17. Plan & service Electronic Control Unit and check functionality.
18. Diagnose & rectify the defects in vehicle to ensure functionality of vehicle.
19. Carryout overhauling of charging system.
20. Carryout overhauling of starting system.
21. Troubleshoot electrical components ofvehicle and ascertain repair.
22. Overhaul, service and testing Vehicle Air Conditioning system, its parts and check functionality.
23. Drive vehicle following Traffic Regulations and maintenance of good road conduct.