MACHINIST JOB ROLE- operates various types of power driven metal cutting or grinding machines for cutting and grinding metal. Studies drawings or measures out sample with appropriate measuring instruments to note different dimensions and sequence of operations required. Selects metal piece and marks it or gets it marked for machining operations required. Fastens metal in chuck, jig or other fixture and respective tool or cutter, according to sequence of operation, on appropriate machine (lathe, shaper, milling, slotting, drilling, grinding).Checks machine setting or sets it for stipulated machine operations. Selects machine feed and speed and starts machine. Controls flow of coolant (cutting lubricant) and manipulates hand wheels or applies automatic controls to feed tool to metal or metal to tool. Observes cutting or grinding both from marking and machine readings, checks for dimensions as necessary and removes parts when machining is completed, checks completed part with measuring instruments and gauges to ensure prescribed accuracy. Makes adjustments if necessary and repeats operations, as required, on same or other machines. May assist in setting up machine for repetitive work, change tools, make simple adjustments, clean and oil machine. Does process planning, tool and cutting parameters selection, programming, setup and operation for cutting parts on CNC vertical machining center and CNC lathe.