1. Construct different Geometrical figures using drawing Instruments following safety precautions.
2. Draw orthographic Projections giving proper dimensioning with title block and heading using appropriate line type and scale.
3. Construct free hand sketches of simple machine parts with correct proportions.
4. Construct plain scale, comparative scale, diagonal scale and vernier scale.
5. Draw Sectional views showing orthographic projections.
6. Develop surface and interpenetration of solid in orthographic projection.
7. Draw isometric projection from orthographic views (and vice-versa) and draw oblique projection from orthographic views.
8. Draw and indicate the specification of different types of fasteners, welds and locking devices as per SP-46:2003
9. Acquire basic knowledge on tools and equipment of Allied trades viz. Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Welder, Foundry man, Electrician and Maintenance Motor Vehicles.
10. Construct different types of gears, couplings and bearings with tolerance dimension and indicating surface finish symbol.
11. Perform computer application and Create 2D objects on CAD drawing space using commands from ribbon, menu bar, toolbars and by typing in command prompt.


12. Construct projection views of geometrical figures with dimension and annotation on CAD in model space and viewport in layout space.
13. Draw in CAD detail and assembly drawing of machine parts viz., Pulleys, Pipe fittings, Gears and Cams applying range of cognitive and practical skills.
14. Construct drawing of engine parts with detailed and assembly in template layout applying quality concept in CAD.
15. Create 3D solid by switching to 3D modeling workspace in CAD, generate views, Print Preview and Plotting.

16.Construct detailed and assembled drawing applying conventional sign & symbols using CAD.
17. Prepare drawing of machine part by measuring with gauges and measuring instruments.
18. Draw a machine shop layout considering process path and ergonomics (human factor).
19. Create and plot assembly and detail views of machine part with Dimensions,Annotations, Title Block and Bill of materials in Solid Works/AutoCAD Inventor/ 3D Modeling.
20. Create production drawing of machine part.