Draughtsman Mechanical; prepares drawings of machines, plants, mechanical components, equipments etc. from sketches, notes, data or sample for purposes of manufacture or repairs. Takes instructions from Mechanical Engineer and calculates dimensions as required, from available materials (notes, data etc.) or sample. Draws to scale detailed drawings, assembly drawings,showing plan, elevations, sectional views etc.according to nature of work and operations required. Prints (writes) dimensions, tolerances, material to be used and other details to give clear picture and facilitate understanding. Maintains copies of drawings and makes prints. They may trace drawings and may design simple mechanical parts. May prepare estimates for materials and labour required. May specialize in making drawings of jigs and tools and be designated accordingly. Create component parts on Drawing Space using toolbars,commands and menus in CAD application software and also creating objects on 3D modeling space in CAD viewing printable drawing and plotting them.


Draughtsman Mechanical selects the appropriate equipment and drawing software to use based on the type and complexity of the drawing functions to be carried out and the use of a CAD system linked bills of material, file management and associated customization of installed software including the use of macros, menus and default settings.


In addition, Draughtsman Mechanical has the ability to visualize the job, good coordination, mechanical attitude, manual dexterity and perform work related mathematical calculations.